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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

not for the faint of heart, but amusing none the less

I woke up this morning, to Eli lying in his bassinette, flipped on his back. His diaper was non-exsistent. He had poo EVERYWHERE. IM TALKING EVERYWHERE. He had to be rinsed twice. Now his sheet is being soaked getting ready to go in the wash. Explosive wasn't even the word. Guess I can blame it on having him try oatmeal once a few days ago.

Now on to keiths situation. We've been on the waiting list at Ft Hood since he enlisted. We're #1530 out of like 1800. We have a year wait. This is after 9 months! He went to get my travel arrangements made yesterday. The military won't pay for my ticket unless I fly out of SLC. So hes asking today about how much we have to pay out of pocket. Thing is... we have no money to pay it. I've exausted every avenue I can think of. Red Cross won't help us. I tried to get a loan (Keith has to try but he doesn't have ANY free time right now). No one can really help us. Keith is looking into a DITY move today. That would be nice. I could do that. We'll just have to see how it goes. I have a way to pay for it... but Im not going to mention it. But it's a good thing.

So other than that, I'll keep ya'll updated


Ha, a girlfriend of mine has a lil girl named Abby, she just turned 2 last week. Well..this girl poops MONSTERS. Like, seriously..i asked Alciia what she feeds her "You know, normal stuff"...yeah, well..this girls digestive system is something else. Like whoa.
One day she decided it would be funny to take off her diapy, but we didn't notice cuz she had a dress on and she hid the diapy..somewhere. Heh. But anyway, she decided to crawl up the bunk bed and we caught her right as she was doing that, and she started pooing..half way up the bunkbed, with no diaper on..

oooh! maybe you should wait on the oatmeal until he's like 6 months. it tends to cause digestive problems/allergic reactions. i've always heard rice only till 6 mos. or, you didn't give him prunes did ya? my friend had a similar experience with prunes, but she was sitting right there & it flew all over her face & hair... lol. but that, mah dear, is unrelated.

sorry bout the shitty mornin. welcome to motherhood. just wait till they learn to take off their diapers... then it's shit all the time!!! :)


He's been on rice for over a month now. He started barely under 3 months. Due to his size, the doc encouraged that I feed him a month ahead of the food charts. So I figured we'd try something new. I am waiting on more "food" foods until 6m. That explosiveness is nothing new. =) It happens every once in a while. Today it was just everywhere, I assume from him rolling around =) I think he's already learned the tricks to get them off. Every time I look a tab is all coming undone. Silly kids.
What happened to his diaper? Did it disentigrate in the explosion?


it was in a ball in the corner of the bassinette. I think it was hiding in shame.


Awww, poor lil kiwi!

At least you know he'll be able to laugh about it when he's grown up ;-)
DITY moves are kind of a pain but you can make bank on it. Mike did DITY from WP to home (ND) then from home to here (AL) and yeah, we ended up making some nice money off it.