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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

all right, so I lied. I never made it back to bed. I figured, well, Im up now I may as well stay up. Even though I have even less motivation than I have had. So I have been playing with an Amazon.com account I forgot I had. I deleted my Justine_Wagar@yahoo.com account to my origional and normal email. Put some crappage on there to make sure it worked. Thanks gddss89 for reminding me I have that one. Consolidating things makes it much less confusing.

Why is it lately I feel the need to do "female things"? Like shop and get a manicure done and the like? I think it's because I dont have any female RL friends. I have a gay boy, but it's just not the same. I hardly get to see him anyways. Anyone want to take a trip out to see my pathetic ass? I'll take you to the salon and buy you a limeade... HEEEHEE.

Back to Ebay. :)


ooo. i want to get a pedicure. i love those things. it's nice to do girlie things every once in awhile. i hope you are feeling good today! :)
I love girly things!! I think you should plan a girly day for yourself once a month!! even if it is you sitting home alone w/ popcorn tissues and some nail polish!
I need one of those. I just can't force myself to do it. Keith always insists that I be more girly Im just lazy. lol


oh god!! MIke sometimes wishes I WEREN'T so girly!!
I went through this curly hair phase..and being that I have rather straight hair, I used A LOT of gel and hairspray... (like a can every two weeks!)
When I would crawl in bed w/ him..this little whiny voice would come out.."your hair is pricking me!" lol
I have never gotten a pedicure. I hate my feet and I am scared of having anyone look at them. Although I should get one done. Just not a foot person. *lol* My toenails just don't grow and I have stubby ugly toes. LOL. I HATE FEET. :)


haha. i hate feet too...but the things they do to your feet...ahhhhhhh. its like heaven.
I really need to move. Wonder how much it'll cost to move this thing. :-P Hey, at least my house is portable. >snicker


*lol* We live on 5 acres... You can live in the front two. :) hahah, lmao




come talk to me on AIM. Im doing my dad's HW and want the company. *G*


I did. Now I'm waiting for my food so I can eat and then talk. :D


Aww, I feel so loved. :)