I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Got the furniture arranged to be picked up. I have to go to a silly briefing on Monday for it. My FIL yelled and screamed b/c they weren't going to pick up my furniture for another 2 weeks after that, and then we werent going to get it for 30 days. So he talked to some high up guy who is going to fix that issue. People on base tend to be not so nice to me when they see that Im an Army dependant. Buttheads. I can't wait to get to an ARMY post so they quit that crappage.

The highlight of my day? Being within 100 ft from AF one on base. Nifty. Kept lookin around for George W, so Eli could get some snoogans, but that one didnt happen =)

I now have a plane ticket being held for me for Monday afternoon. Have to do some checking but it looks as if I will be in Killeen Monday night. I'll keep you updated =)
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