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my bio is slightly altered. thanks to those who shared the love and wrote comments for me. Now, if you want to be included, please send me a comment and I will add it as well. I only have a few, I would like more.

I bought the Evanescence CD. Ya'll knew it was only a matter of time. It's amazing how close they came to creating EXACTLY what I wanted to accomplish with my music. I think after Keith leaves and we buy a computer, I am going to get back into writing again. I have some ideas running through my head. Maybe I will try and really do something with it this time. I've had some inspiration.

I guess I will assume this will be my last post. Im not going to be online too much tonight. Im going to go crazy without my LJ, but Im sure some of you will hear from me, and those that want my Phone # to check up on me are more than welcome to ask. So goodbye dear LJ. I will return. Don't know when, but I am too addicted to go away for long. I love you Frank the Goat. You're a pimp. (Can't wait until Xmas when he has his lights on him. He's such a pimpin goatie.) Does anyone remember the link to him peeing? That was the greatest.

Well, snoogans to ya'll. I'll be in touch soon =)
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