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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

ok, I am in Killeen. So far I like it here. I have good neighbors (that let me use their computer! YAY!). My cell is dead on minutes right now. So I can't call/get calls. We wont be able to make the payment until it is actually due, which is next weekend. Im so feeling out of the loop! There's a few people I needed to talk to big time! Took us 3 days to get water though. Finally got that and that was real nice! YAY! For those of you that I was supposed to have called Im sorry, I had good reson, and I will get working on that soon.

Ok, well I dont want to sit on Brandy's computer all day, so if you had an important post, let me know! Hope everyone is well! =)


Big Happy Grins

Yeah!! I am so glad you are there!!!
Yeah, you have to call me!!! =))
We are having a party this weekend. If you can call me then I can give you the details :)


dang, just got that message. Maybe I will have to try calling you sometime today. Keith is heading out tomorrow to look at cars, so hopefully something will come of that. Let you know. Thanks for coming over to visit the other night!! =)
yay! glad it's working out for you! and you have nice neighbors!
Welcome to Texas ;)
I'm happy to hear you have nice neighbors! Glad you are doing well! :) Can't wait until you come back! *hugs* :)
I've been worrying about your trip. I'm glad you are safe and sound at your new home. Will talk to you soon.
glad you made it safe and sound. good luck with everything.