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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

yay. Im alive but feeling so withdrawn. Keith's and my anniversary rolled by on the 14th. Don't know if anyone noticed/knew/cared. Eh, well. =)

Im sick. Real sick. Like going into the doctor on thursday sick. Plus, Im having what seems like allergies acting up. I think Im allergic to Texas... lol. I am not liking it too much here. I want to PCS away from here. =) Maybe in a year Keith will start green to gold and we'll move somewhere. Or maybe he can beg for orders. But not until he gets back from the catbox. Too much fun.

Elijah has 2 teeth now. Got them within 5 days of each other. He's a wild man. My parents are going to be out here this weekend since I couldnt go see them. After that, Keith is leaving for Cali. Oh joy.

Hope everyone is doing well. Im cynical, sick, tired and just grumpy. Did ya notice? ;)


Hope you feel better soon. If you ever feel the need, we could phone-converse. Let me know.


Anytime you want to call is cool. It's hard to keep up with people on LJ anymore... lol. But if you want to call, just let me know and I will email you my phone# =)



You know you're welcome in Clearfield.....LOL

I do miss hearing from ya, you know :P

Re: You know you're welcome in Clearfield.....LOL

*lol* Clearfield. Poor kid. Still hoping I can get a chance to come back up there and laugh at you. At least it isn't Provo, right? Just look at it that way Heehee

well long time no see.....

nice to hear you are still alive....things are great here. im in my second play ....my career is starting to go somewhere....where that is right now...i dont know. heard a rumor you were comming into town soon...is that still a possibility? would love to see the little one. well give keith my regards and you get better

luv ya,


Re: well long time no see.....

I was supposed to, but Im not anymore. My parents trip to Europe was canceled since my grandfather is having heart surgery next month. Maybe soon though. All depends on our financial situation which isnt the greatest. lol. Gotta get my things out of my parents garage sometime =)
well ill keep my fingers crossed for your visit. i hope everything turns out well for your family. best wishes to you and the family. if you havent had a chance lately....you should check out some of branduns and earls music. they are doing very well i think. look up on mp3.com Audesi or Enkai . its really good stuff.