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Keith has CQ duty from 9 AM to 9 AM. This makes for a very bored Tina. And today is sooo nice out. It's like 60 some odd degrees and rainy. I was going to walk in it, and then it started raining. And I can't take Eli out in that mess. Ew. But it's HOOOOODIE WEATHER!! YAY! I barely got to wear my ROCKSTAR hooodie when I got it for my bday. So I can soon enough. Of course, Im sure it will be 350937598365983450 degrees this week. OK, enough about the weather.

Eli wouldn't sleep for the life of himself last night. He would wake up suddenly screaming and not stop. We had to keep going into his room to calm him down. Staying awake half the night sure didn't phase his temperment this morning. He woke up very happy to be alive - at 7:30 AM. It's official, doesnt matter what time he goes to bed, he's still up at the crack of dawn (TO ME OKAY) in an excellent mood.

Ew, I am so bored. Need vasa to come visit me.. yay. If he ever wakes up. lol. Well, there's my entry. Someone get online and come chat with me. =)
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