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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

yes yes i know you all need an update. this weekend was pretty boring. actually, it was a waste of a weekend. we did nothing - had no one over. the game was yesterday and since we couldnt get it on TV, we just got it over the internet. sounded like it was a decent game. =D At least the Bucs won. That's all that matters.

My house was clean. And then the weekend happens. I don't know what it is about having Keith home, but it sure seems like everything gets dirty really really quick. I was supposed to have my friend Maxine cut my hair today but I forgot to call her last night. Guess Im waiting until Monday next week. I feel bad though. She cuts hair all week and then on her day off she comes over and cuts my hair for free.

Elijah will be 10 months in 6 days. That is frightening to me. Really frightening. He's still not walking. he has too many of my pansy genes. He gets too nervous to stand alone. His newest form of entertainment is pulling pillows off the couch and laying on them. Like he's king of the mountain or something. A few minutes ago, he was laying on one drinking a bottle. Like some greek god or something... next thing you know, he'll be demanding I feed him grapes. Yeah, that got handed down from someone in my family... lol.


You do know you are supposed to *peel* the grapes first, right? He sounds adorable!

Oh, and when Mike is home, that's usually the time my house goes to pot, also. It's not just Keith.


Message from omaha

grandson will be walking and getting into everything before you know it. all is well here in huskerland. grandma had a corea transplant and is doing ok. love from us