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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So everyone wants to know something weird about the Tina right? Since we all know how bizare I am. I love green bannanas. I won't eat yellow ones. If they have one brown spot on them, I dont like them. My dad and I were at the store the other day, and he bought 2 bunches of bannanas. One green bunch for me, and a "spoiled" bunch that were yellow with spots. I was teasing him and saying he bought moldy bannanas. Another weird food problem I have? I hate it when my food touches. Thanksgiving freaks me out b/c you have so much food and everything runs together. If I wanted my food to touch, I would have cooked it together. Last year, my sister Jessica, mixed EVERYTHING together on her plate and ATE IT! It was so nasty, I almost threw up. Yes, I have issues.

So is 4 days too early to start packing? I won't have computer usage time on Friday since I am spending the day in town and driving to sleep over at Bobby's house in SL. I have so much laundry to do (I've been putting it off since clean clothes means I wear them, and I have been in PJs all weekend). Maybe I will just wash everything today. Dad was talking about taking me to the store tomorrow so I can buy more food and some reading materials. It's just hard to believe that BCT has passed us both. Just another 19 with him in Texas, and another 3 that will breeze by when he's in GA. And I know that in another 13 weeks, or so, I will have a baby and will be too busy to know what time it is, or how long until my keefus gets home.

Wow. Im at 27 weeks today. I can't believe I am in my 3rd trimester now. I don't look pregnant either. Mom says it's becuase I dress in sweatshirts and stuff. It's funny though. I KNOW I am pregnant, but I still question it. All the photos, all the ultrasounds, all the heartbeats, al the kicks, and I still feel normal. Except fatter. lol. I guess I won't come to grips until he comes screaming out and I see Keith's face. That's when it will all come to terms.

And it is Ramiah's birthday!! Happy birthday pryncessbytch, enjoy your granny bras and I will see you soon!! :)


I can't eat stuff all mixed together too. I hate it when people say, "Oh it's all going to the same place!" because no matter what, you still have to taste it, and if it's all mixed up, then it probably doesn't taste that good.


A fav quote from the movie toys
"Im a military man- I want a military meal. I want my carrots quarentined from the peas"
Or something along those lines. It's been a few years. lol


hahaha. definately. yuck @ mixed food.
Oh! I found the full quote thanks to imdb.com

Patrick Zevo: I can't even eat. The food keeps touching. I like military plates, I'm a military man, I want a military meal. I want my string beans to be quarantined! I like a little fortress around my mashed potatoes so the meatloaf doesn't invade my mashed potatoes and cause mixing in my plate! I HATE IT when food touches! I'm a military man, you understand that? And don't let your food touch either, please?


Ok NOW I want to see a belly picture. :-) I am 26 weeks (tomorrow) and I definitely LOOK pregnant. People aren't shy about coming up to me and asking me when the baby's due. I don't understand how someone can be farther along than I am and hardly showing!


I saw your pic you posted a little while ago, and I was like OMG! She has a belly! Where is mine? I just don't understand it. I think Im carrying the baby in my butt, that;s all. :)

I'll see what I can pull off before I leave to get a pic online for you. :)
*huggle* I'm just trying to not be so jealous. Damn it. I wanna go too! *sigh* Have a good time!