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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So I've been up for a while now. Just got up as everyone left the house. So I've actually accomplished a few things. Called Wachovia, the newdebit card is on order, called UHEAA and know what to do to shut the bill collectors up, called Medicaid office, and now medicaid is my seondary insurance, and finally called Ogden clinic to clean up my bills. YEA! I did all my wife work and it's not even 10:30! im so cool.

My dad called and gave me a few morethings to do. I had to wash my sisters sheets, and go next door and water the horses. But with this insane amount of rain for Utah (NOT COMPLAINING) it didnt need to be done. Im sweating like crazy because of the humidity though. Dogs tracked in mud, even though i thought I wiped their feet enough, so I was on the floor with resolve and rags already. I have 2 projects to finish for Mel, which out of pure laziness I just cant seem to get them started. I know it will only take an hour to finish all of it, Im just being a bum.

I think I may have found out they discontinued ICI through the company. So I've been doing crazy searches on EBay and perfume sites. Im trying to buy another bottle. So if anyone wants to get me a gift, ICI would be it. I cant deal without this perfume! Youjust dont understand! *G*

Ive also realized that I am playing the I add you if you add me first game wth all my friends. I guess it gives people freedom to ignore my bitchy ranty self. *lol*