I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Makes me feel better about being dumb

AnGeLPeZ7: hahahahahhaha
AnGeLPeZ7: you dont have a broiler?
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: Nope.
AnGeLPeZ7: omg
AnGeLPeZ7: that is the funniest thing
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: isnt that like the drawer thingy uder the oven?
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: mine is a drawer
AnGeLPeZ7: thats like me trying to light an electric stove!
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: SHUT UP!!! lol
AnGeLPeZ7: seriously.
AnGeLPeZ7: when i was like 16.
AnGeLPeZ7: and i couldnt get the stove to work
AnGeLPeZ7: so i tried to light it.
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: haha, that is so getting posted to make me feel better.
AnGeLPeZ7: hahahahaha.
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