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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Makes me feel better about being dumb

AnGeLPeZ7: hahahahahhaha
AnGeLPeZ7: you dont have a broiler?
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: Nope.
AnGeLPeZ7: omg
AnGeLPeZ7: that is the funniest thing
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: isnt that like the drawer thingy uder the oven?
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: mine is a drawer
AnGeLPeZ7: thats like me trying to light an electric stove!
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: SHUT UP!!! lol
AnGeLPeZ7: seriously.
AnGeLPeZ7: when i was like 16.
AnGeLPeZ7: and i couldnt get the stove to work
AnGeLPeZ7: so i tried to light it.
...NIN Pryncess NIN...: haha, that is so getting posted to make me feel better.
AnGeLPeZ7: hahahahaha.


I'm a smart girl. ;)
Hey I was laughing out of love as you said. Not at you. :-) If your knob for the oven says broil then you do have a broiler and it is just in the oven. My oven has a drawer underneath too. My broiler is inside the oven. Anyways, if your knob says broil on it then chances are that it does not work and needs to be fixed. I ran into that problem when I moved in to base housing. That is why I got a new stove shortly after moving in. :-)
Ok, Ella can you come over and SHOW me what the hell a broiler is? I mean, that oven got hot as hell and I don't see how anything could have cooked in it. It just burns... Although I was thinking that this weird pan thingy that came with the house should be used for something. AHHH i am so NOT domestic yet, but Im trying.

And Im not even in freaking post housing. This place is only 2 years old, but it is so ghetto. Ah, well, at least I have a dishwasher.
LOL Honey if I could I would be there. The broiler comes in two ways. A drawer type thing underneath or it's IN the oven. If it is in the oven the top burner thing will get HOT HOT. If it does nothing but burn the food then it is not working right. The pan thingy you are talking about is probably a broiler pan. Is there two pans? One deep pan and one thin one that fits on top of the other. The top one has slits in it. That is the best pan to use for a broiling. If you like pork chops I could give you an awesome simple recipe for those using the broiler! :-)

Sorry I did not get your e-mail in time. I was doing something worthless. LOL
My dad sat on the phone with me tonight and totally explained broiling to me, and yelled at me for not calling him. He said I will broil once and never do it again since it's such a pan in the ass to clean the pans.

But send me any recipies you like! I need more to add to my repitore of 4. =D