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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

for those who have seen blues clues.... remember Steve? He left and went to college and left his idiot brother in charge? Well, I have found Steve

yes, this is him now

this was him then.

Boy oh boy am I glad I watched Blues Clues with my sister. What a hottie. =)


didnt he die of a coke overdose?
holy hotness! he is studly! i'd smack that ass up any day =)
yes yes.
Ok so it is Steve. I had people telling me that he died too. I found his website and found out that he did music but I had no idea that he was a hottie!
What a difference facial hair and some muscles can do.
My son watches Blue's Clues all of the time, my husband and I can't stand Joe because he is so dumb. Jon makes fun of him saying that if he doen't know where his socks go then how can he live in a house by himself.
joe's cute... but not as cute as Steve.

What makes this even funnier, is my dad told me one morning someone had called in to the radio station he was listening to. Seems their kid was flipping through channels and found a certain channel playing a movie that had a naked Steve wondering around.

YAY! lol =) I wonder where the "pawprint" was there.
Wow. It's amazing what happens when you slap a beard, a better hair cut and better clothes on a person. *gawk*