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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

keith got the date to the sandbox.... Jan 3. little to no chance of changing at all. so I must plan....

So now, I have to figure out how to get the money to move...... or if I am stuck here (ew ew ew) forever.

You know what? money sucks


I thought the military was supposed to pay so well that its members and their spouses never had to worry about money. Durrhhh.

Im not making fun of you at all....


that's rich.

I think Keith makes between 23000 and 24000 a year. I think 21000 is poverty. or something.

Re: Im not making fun of you at all....

Ugh, that's such bullshit. He could make the same amount working in retail! I knew trusting my gut instinct was good when the recruiter Sean went to see went on and on about how much the military pays for.

Re: Im not making fun of you at all....

without our BAH, which is 670 a month (which pays rent utilities etc) we recieve about 1000 a month.

and I think with the hours keith works, he earns about 1.50 an hour.

Tell Shawn to STAY AWAY. =D

Re: Im not making fun of you at all....

And it seems the more admant Sean is about not joining the military, the more his parents try to push him to. It's really effing annoying.

Re: Im not making fun of you at all....

don't let him go. chain him to the wall.

My Sean is in Kuwait. Grr.


Reply from Mom

No Tina...it is the LACK of money that sucks. Been there...done that.