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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Elijah loves PBS now. He's been watching it all morning (other than the 45 min mommy was working out... he was dancing with me. lol). He did watch Telletubbies which I was ashamed of. Right now he is watching the big comfy couch. funny that I used to watch that with Chelsea. =) Too bad sesame street isn't on. that show rocks. Oh, and he does love the simpsons haha

tv is the best babysitter. lol.*

*Im just kidding... he plays with toys and mommy. I am not completely dependant upon the tv. so just shush about it. *G*


Hey, this means you can introduce him to British comedies when he's old enough!
He's going to have nightmares from that freaky girl with the red nose, poor child (:
You really want to have a freakishly odd child? Let him watch Monty Python. You'll never end the insanity.
Morgayne has watched Monty Python and she is normal hehe...whatever that is. Morgayne refuses to watch Barney or Teletubbies...
Morgayne watches the shows on there during the day....even when she is playing...let's see her tv line up is:
PBS: Zaboomafoo (sp?), Arthur, Clifford, DragonTales, Sesame Street, Caiou (sp?, that annoying bald headed kid), Bernstein Bears Discovery Kids: magic School Bus & Save Ums PBS Mister Rodgers & Between The Lions HBO Family: Rainbow Fish & The Neverending Story PBS: Reading Rainbow, Zoom, Clifford, DragonTales, Arthur and then the tv is ours for the most part. So now you see why there is a lot of PBS haha. Lately she has been watchign some british show Stubby or Stan at 6am on Discovery Kids...I don't see what she sees in it but such is life...unless she just waits for Magic School Bus.
hey, it's xerulean from wiccan_mommies.. you and autumn are gonna be the new maintainers.. i've added you to my MSN list to fork over the password.. i'm starfishscene@hotmail.com