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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

first off, it's national faghag day. just thought i should share.

keith and i spent the whole day carving pumpkins. i am not joking... mine took me 3 hours. i think im going to take pics of them just because they took forever.

I've had family asking me about eli's bday. so "we" set up an Amazon account for you guys to check out..Eli's wish list. that should be helpful.

other than that, we're going to cook some pumpkins seeds tonight and go to bed. SO EXCITING. lol


sounds like awesome jack-o-lanterns... I'm going to wait until later in the week to carve mine because last time i carved a pumpkin it wilted after a day or so. I tend to put a lot of detail into it...

and i had no idea there even was a national fag hag day... lol...
neither did I, but I found out on an lj group.

we had to carve them today, since Keith will be in the field all week. I guess we're sort-of celebrating this weekend since he won't be here for the actual holiday.


is your husband?

Re: Keith...

yep. =D

Re: Keith...

yeah, then the field REALLY sux...

Re: Keith...

could be worse. but hey, at least I get xmas with him. it's everything AFTER that I have to miss. =(


well, he must be in Cav... i'll be here for you, having been through this deployment crap myself, i will at least know where you are coming from. The hardest thing for me has been having no one who really understands what it's like having your significant other, the one you share your life with and live with day in and day out, away for such an extended period of time. Live Journal is indeed a god send. As has been my newly found family at CTWP

and you for being there too ;)

Re: yeah...

wow, Ive never seen that site, that's awesome. Looks like something else I need to get addicted to. Luckily, my family loves my son, and is begging me to be closer to home.. so that's a plus. Of course, Keith and I are always apart. In the 10 years we've known each other, he's not been around on one of my bdays. So I guess a deployment is nothing new, but that sure doesnt make it any easier.
Don't know how big your pumpkins are or if you have room in your fridge but.....If you coat the carved areas with Petroleum jelly and cover with saran wrap, place in the fridge when not displaying them they will keep a LONG time. Also don't set them on concrete of any kind. If you do at least put some cardboard or a rug under them. The concrete rushes the decomposition process. Over the years we learned the smallest tricks and those work THE best. Also rub some Cinnamon on the top of the lid and when you burn the candles the smell will be DIVINE!