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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl


Eli hugging Denis the monkey

Wow!! He didnt squint at the flash! yay!

He then decided to crawl on my lap and give me his pacifier. He looks so silly with one in his mouth. lol


Awww. He has such pretty eyes and the longest eyelashes! Very cute little boy you have on your hands! :P I had a monkey just like that when I was little.
that's MY monkey. MY monkey. He was packed in a box and Eli stood on his toes to reach in and grab him. He cried when I tried to take him away. My parents will laugh when they see that. They know Denis is like my toy that goes EVERYWHERE with me. =D
hahaha. That is like my stuffed kitty that goes everywhere with me! :)
I have a "sock" monkey named George. I've had him since I was 2 years old. I take him EVERYWHERE. Brad likes to fuck with me and give George to Madeline, because I know he hates that. She slobbers on him and pulls on him and stuff. My aunt used to mess with me and hang George from the fan and stuff. I would get SO mad, and I was like, 17 years old. Now, they all like to pick at me because I won't let Madeline play with him.
They just don't know.

Eli is SO adorable! Hah, your floor looks like mine, with all the toys. And is that a Baby Tad leap frog thingy? Madeline has the same one.
too cute
my sock monkey has a hat, he's much cooler than yours
no way dude. my sock monkey could kick your sock monkey's butt.
haha he's so big now! wow! looks more and more like keith all the time!
He's SO cute! :-)
*steals eli* mwahaha! ...i'll give him back in a lil' while. go take a nap :) he can play with my neices for a bit.