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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

wow. The rumors about Jonathan Brandis are true. I was directed towards this. And to think, I had posters all over my wall of him as a kid. Rumor has it he hung himself. That is just horrible.


OMG I LOVED HIM! he used to hang on the wall right next to my bed amd i used to tell people he slept w/ me....
so it's for real?
I'm guessing so. I've been at a loss to find anything more, but Im keeping up the search. There has to be something out there.
that sucks. he was one of the only good actors in that movie that Jewel was in with Toby Maguire about the civil war. And that awesome futuristic series, I forget what it was called...where he was in some kind of ship that explored oceans? awesome show. and dammit, he's dead.
A Ride with the Devil. :)
Never heard of him, what did he do that I might remember him from?
neverending story II, ladybugs (with Rodney Dangerfield)
seaquest, IT, sidekicks
Stepfather 2, a made for TV movie w/ Tatiana Ali (teen scream flick, the name escapes me) the Good King (a family channel origional movie)
Holy shit!! RIP, Jon.,...
there are several other rumors about "how he died", too.. man, I hope none of them are really true.. that sucks. I too had posters all over of him, drooled over him in every episode of SeaQuest, and watched "LadyBugs" so many times. He was also in a tv movie called "The Good King Wenceslas", that I still have on VHS tape.
*lol* I was glued to that movie, the good king wenceslas. that was at the peak of my obsession. I wanted to name my kid wenceslas for the longest time too, lol
Ditto OMG! I have every episode of seaquest taped! I even created an alter ego of myself and wrote stories about how i was on the show...
Yah. That sucks ass.
What the....?

I was so in love with him. I ....I have nothing to say.

I don't know....I'm still skeptical because I haven't seen any major news coverage. Usually that happens when any celeb dies. I've got Mike looking into it for me because he has access to that sort of stuff (coroner's reports, criminal reports, etc.). I'll let you know what he finds out.
after seeing that and some news page that colleen sent me to, Im sure.
So far it's only been reported in a Clevland newpaper and on some movie site from a movie he's been in. I just don't trust it...you did know I was a conspiracy theorist right? LOL

there's more. Im still not 100% sure. Im still lookin'
My lj friend ossie posted this link today: http://www.dpsinfo.com/dps/2003.html#top

and it's mentioned there, and in his IMDB.com profile.