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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Eli's one!

Well, it's official. My baby is now a year old. I can't believe it's already been a year. Wow. I can't believe he's here and how big he is. I look back at the pictures of him and I can't imagine he was ever that small. What can I say, I love my wee kiwi.

The Birth Story

Elijah's first picture

Daddy's Boy!!

Mommy looks like POOPOO here. =D

Im sure I will be posting more pics of his bday and some of his new adorable clothes.
Happy First Birthday Elijah Westley!!!


Birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday hugs for your little one!..Beautiful pics!
happy 1st birthday Eli!
Happy First Birthday to the bebe!


Happy BD from Althena

Happy Birthday, Baby....I will finally meet you today and I am already totally excited and happy about that.
Hope you get everything you'll ever need and everything you wish for (just be careful WHAT exactly you wish for)in all the years to come, this life and all the following ones.
BB and LL
Althena aka hihi fairy Godmom?????
happy b-day to eli! and happy thanksgiving to you too!
hope you have a good one.
love ya!
Happy Birthday my Little Kiwi friend!!

My cousin was a thanksgiving baby....the one year her b-day fell on thanksgiving again, they made thi huge deal about it to make her feel like she was as important as the turkey...

the next year she cried because she didn't understand where her turkey b-day cake was!! Good like w/ YOUR little turkey!
Happy B-Day Eli!!!!

I hope my little guy doesn't grow that fast, they should stay that precious forever (:
Awe, Happy Birthday Eli! *hugs*

Happy Thanksgiving everyone else! ;)
Happy Birthday Baby!! :-)
happy birthday to you and to my son georgie. congrats on making it to one years old and I hope that you have many many more wonderful birthdays.
That Is adorable! He is so cute! Happy Bithday Eli, and Happy Turkey Day to you.
Happy birthday day little one! :)