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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Yule Gathering

we just got back a few hours ago from another CTWP gathering. This is the first "gathering" we have gone to... the other time was a Thanksgiving they let us all barge in on. It was amazing. I can't believe that after only meeting a few of these people twice and most of them once I feel so comfortable. Thanks to ordinary_chaos7 for introducing us (although I still have yet to meet him due to his dramatic and busy life hahah)

So we show up around 1 at Cove Park. It was like 35 degrees outside and COLD. I think all of us were dying. We were bundled up in warm clothes, and gathering around the grill trying to stay warm. Eli chilled out in his stroller and everyone swooned over his leather hat thingy my parents gave him for his bday (pics as soon as they are emailed and set up... lol). He got a new "camera" from Mel that plays music and lights up. Bob and Mary also gave him some noisy freaking toys - commenting on the love to give MY kid noisy toys. Finally, we decided to pack it up and move back to Bob and Mary's house, where it was much warmer. We ate and talked all day. This group of people... they are just amazing to me. Maybe it's the change of heart with the new meds... but I just feel so immediatly accepted and loved. I feel totally comfortable around them. I did just sit quietly and listen like I usually do, but I felt content to do just that. I guess its also the fact that I feel most comfortable around people 10+ years older than me. Or maybe it's the Pagan-ness of the whole group... I've just never been there before - feeling the immediate graces into a group of people. They always joke around that it is one big family.. and they werent lying. It is. Of course, I am one of the youngest - next to the kiddies. haha. I keep going on and on about it and they brush it off like it's nothing... but I am so amazed and estatic to get to know these wonderful individuals better. They truely will keep me sane while Keith is deployed! (and him with their promised letters and care packages!! lol)

Only sad part was poor Althena couldn't make it because the MAN (aka Dell) is keeping her working too much. So now she and I will have to get together before we leave in 6 DAYS!!! YAY!! But I missed her much.

It's always a great time to me when I get hugs when people say goodbye to me. What can I say... Im an affectionate person. But, today was a GRAND day.


35 degrees...cold...mwahahaha! anyways, i'm glad you felt comfortable and had a great time =)
shuddup. it's cold to me. i am so going to freeeeeze to death next week, haha.


if it werent for that damn thing called work and my friend's housewarming... i would have been there...

I'm glad you found our family... i'm sure you wont feel so young when embersparagon, prozac_kid, corageous_fool, saphramoon, & fade_to_nothing all come with me to the next one ;)

if they werent there this time... havent spoken to any... well have to get ready for work... Ciao ;)

Re: damn...

well, obviously I am going to meet you soon enough then! we're going to try to have a going away party of sorts (even though I dont know where to do it.. my house is a wee small, and we're prob moving soon I dunno about that mess right now) and of course you and everyone else is invited. It's just hard for me to meet people, but it's getting better.

Oh, and you work too much. lol But at least class is over for this semester right? You are always busy with something important! that's awesome... Im slightly jealous, but hey... at least I can be spontaneous! heehee

well then...

you are most certainly invited to my coming home party for Timmy this friday... unfortunately i only ask that there be no kids at the party because there will be drinking and more than likely some adult language... but my parties tend to be pretty fun :)

email me norman@blue-dragon.us and i'll send you an Evite ;)

Re: well then...

we would, but we're leaving Friday at midnight for Omaha... and then getting a babysitter is always a pain for us... not to mention some stupid army spouses xmas dinner (haha) but I wish we could be there. We do love the parties though =D


I am so sorry

I am very sorry I couldn't make it to the gathering. I miss everybody (especially my Eli and Tinchen and okok, Keith too, rofl).
It seems whenever I make plans for the weekend I end up working.
I am glad you had a good time and felt right at home. Am proud of you kiddo!!!!
Love and a big hug and kiss for poor Mel-scarred Eli)

BB and LL