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is there anything better than good coffee in the mornings? I think not. I made some ritzy cinnamon/clove mix coffee this morning. It's a bit bitter, but nothing some sugar wouldn't clear up. I really love coffee. It's one of the grand things in life.

So let's see... what did I do yesterday... well, Keith had a lot of off time off yesterday. Guess since it's gettng so close to leave and they have packed up their vehicles they don't have much to do. He fell asleep on the couch around 8:30 last night. I went to bed around 10:30, thought about a lot of things, then just as I was drifting off around 12:30, Eli woke up screaming. I don't know why he is into that habit of waking up in the middle of the night and screaming for an hour or two. It's not much fun. My dad said I used to do that when I was a baby and he would walk into my room and just think "I love you, but I want to SMACK YOU SOOOOO BAD" so this is my revenge. Didnt change his mood this morning though. He's in the living room walking around eating one of Keith's dog-tags. Yay for Sesame Street. Keeps the bebe entertained. Althena called me last night. She wants to get together at her house after we come home for a small Yule thingy. Basically, she wants to see Eli and spoil him and warp his mind. But that's okay, she's becoming my "big sister" figure here and eli's "fairy godmom" as she says.

I need to start packing today. I am thinking I will clean up the house and then get started. I don't want to leave the house dirty while we're gone. My neighbor is house-sitting for us, but it's not like there's really anything to sit. I guess just make sure hoodlums don't break in. I think while we're at Walmart today getting the car worked on, Im going to look for ornaments to make. See if they have anything decent to pick up. I would like to make a few now for the people we're going to see rather than waiting and mailing them. I have a fear of them breaking in the mail. I am starting to miss my mom and dad today too. I wish I could see them for the holidays, but they're going to San Diego with Chelsea. lol. Oh, I talked to my dad last night to review the trip route. He loves to sit on the phone with eli. He passed the phone to my sister and Eli freaked out wondering who the new person was on the phone. Eli is learning to love to talk to Grandpa on the phone. He picks up toy phones (or remotes and pretends they are phones) and I ask him if he's talking to Grandpa. He smiles and says HI! HELLO!. It's too funny. Kids: the world's cheap entertainment.

Tomorrow, we're supposed to go to a lunch with the tab covered by the army. Plus, an open bar. And kareokee. I've never done kareokee and I doubt I am going to start. But with some of the army boys I know, I may get stuck doing it. I've become almost a mother-figure/big sister figure to some of the boys here. They come over and eat my cookin'. Ben has been over here almost every weekend for the past month. They just lounge around and play Playstation and beg me to cook. lol. But Ben's a good kid... he ate all the candy in my candy bowl, but then went out and replaced it and bought me a diet coke. Mmm, I want a fountain drink. Fountain drinks come in close second with good coffee. Haha. But yeah, the lunch tomorrow should be interesting.

Then Friday, we have some sports day/parade Xmas dinner thingy. Then figuring out the best time to leave. Keith signs out at Midnight that night, so we're debating leaving then so Eli will be asleep or waiting until morning. I assume we'll figure it out that night. We're not putting ourselves out on this trip. I refuse to drive in snow at night. Been there, done that. Keith doesnt know how to drive in snow, so I am going to be handling that. I am just hoping for good weather while we're in Omaha. Well, it can storm all it wants to while we're there, just not when we're leaving/coming home. I have been informed one of my gifts while there is a pedicure/manicure. Can we say, yay? And I am getting some MLS lip glosses from Mandy which I have been desperetely wanting to try. We're also going to go see the new LOTR movie while we're there. A treat for Keith since that is the movie he really wants to see before he leaves.

It seems like such a busy week, but today Im just sitting here waiting for Keith to come home for lunch and tell me what the day's plans are. Just lounging, drinking coffee, watchin some sesame street, just having a calm day. =)
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