I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

Everybody else is doin' it =D

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

[1] I am a livejournal junkie.
[2] I took Spanish in school, I can say a few things.
[3] I was born in California.
[4] I am addicted to chocolate
[5] I wish I could have a dog in my apartment.
[6] I'm often broke.
[7] My parents are still married.
[8] I also hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
[9] I've dyed my hair a few times.
[10] I love to sing, but I'm self-conscious to sing in front of others.
[11] I was teased a lot in elementary and middle school. (and high school..)
[12] I sometimes wonder if people really like me.
[13] Diet Coke is my favorite drink.
[14] I don't like drugs
[15] I don't have cable.
[16] I love coffee
[17] I love to read.
[18] If I had more money, I would definitely buy people gifts
[19] I love making people laugh and smile.
[20] I think Drew Carey is really hot cute.

[21] I've thought about getting a tattoo someday.
[22] Even though Disney is an evil corporation, I still love their movies.
[23] Fall is my favorite season.
[24] I have a hate/hate relationship with my body image.
[25] I love thunderstorms and windy nights.
[26] I would buy a brand new computer if I had the money.
[27] I love hearing new kinds of music.
[28] I love being organized and having everything in a place.
[29] I have found Mr Right
[30] Basically, I hate stupid people, and stupid has a very broad definition to me.
[31] I find the holiday season wonderful
[32] I've been in love a few times.
[33] I got my first kiss when I was 12.
[34] I am very stubborn, but can usually admit it when I am wrong.
[35] I want to leave some mark on the world, however small.
[36] I want to have a daughter
[37] Keith and I have been off and on for 10 years
[38] I wish life could be like a romantic comedy.
[39] Eminem is okay
[40] I can't wait to go to cosmetology school.
[41] I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
[42] The muppets rule!
[43] I really wish there weren't so many crappy reality shows.
[44] I'm very silly.
[45] I am extremely loyal to my friends.
[46] I wish I went out more.
[47] I am too nervous when I first meet people.
[48] I wish I knew Sign Language.
[49] Having my son is the best thing I have ever done.
[50] I'm addicted to the internet
[51] I have a love/hate relationship with the WB
[52] My favorite colonge is Dulce and Gabbana
[53] I've been to California, Nevada, Arizonia, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Kentucky, Tenneesee, Alabama, Georgia, West Virgina, Virgnina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mexico, the Bahamas,and Florida
[54] I want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and Egypt
[55] I love money.
[56] Perkins, Bennigans and Golden Corral are my favorite resturant.
[57] I love French toast..
[58] I have mild obsessive-compulsive disorder.
[59] I have social anxiety disorder.
[60] I have major depression.
[61] I have a crush on Steve Bushemi
[62] I have many friends, some of which I would consider best friends
[63] My friends and I don't communicate as much as I would like at times.
[64] I clean my keyboard all the time
[65] I wish some of my LJ friends lived near me so we could hang out every day!!
[66] I tend to like guys that are like big, cuddly teddy bears.
[67] My son thinks he is a monkey
[68] I think there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book or a good movie
[69] I would rather be cold than hot
[70] I can't wake up until I have a first cup of coffee
[71] I started drinking coffee at a young age
[72] I have a "blankie" (It's a fuzzy celestial patten blanket my mom gave me 2 years ago. I take it everywhere.)
[73] I had an illegal alien Cabbage Patch Doll.
[74] I want to be a rock star.
[75] I have low self-esteem.
[76] But I have amazing friends.
[77] I love EMAIL. but I hardly get any
[78] I love getting letters/cards/packages in the mail
[79] Sometimes I wish I didn't question myself
[80] I love accents.
[81] I worry about money too much
[82] I have never had a surprise party.
[83] I hate telemarketers.
[84] I love to drive around..
[85] I am easily amused. (I love talking animals, they make me laugh for hours... IE the greyhound dog)
[86] I have blue/green eyes.
[87] There's nothing more satisfying to me than reading a good book.
[88] I like finding a bargain. (that's an understatement)
[89] I used to love my hair.
[90] I am annoyed by Sandra Bullock
[91] Buying other people presents makes me happy when I know they appreciate it.
[92] I did NOT vote for Bush.
[93] I have been feeling very happy and optimistic lately.
[94] I love to write
[95] I'm emotional.
[96] I should go to more rock concerts.
[97] I detest Jennifer Lopez
[98] I've been hooked on Friends for a few years, but I hate to admidt it.
[99] I keep hoping that someone will appear and inform me that a million dollars has just been deposited into my bank account. This, of course, has yet to happen.
[100] I am madly in love. =)
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