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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Ben kidnapped Keith. They went to some car wash place that charges 75 cents for 10 minutes. They're cleaning out the car since he has destoyed it and I am refusing my car to be messy on a road trip. It will get that messy ON the trip. They also went on lunch to change the oil already. I guess they're going to fix the door panel too. Good for the boys. I tried to convince them to have a total boys day and take the kid, but they refused. So now Eli and I are sitting around. I cleaned the kitchen up, but yes, it is already a mess. Never fails. lol

We have to go to the HEB when they get back. Need diapers, wipes, bottle liners and milk. I still want to go to Walmart, but HEB has the cheapest and best diapers. But we'll see what happens when the boys get back.

Yay for filling up your friends pages today, haha. No one is around to chat with so I thought I should. Niki, where HAVE you been? lol. And I missed Ella when a call came in =( Sad, but I will catch them soon! =D


Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. and then Jon came home. ;) Will be back to normal soon, I promise!!! miss ya!!