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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Went to HEB tonight. They didn't have as many Xmas things as Walmart would have had... but hey, I was just getting the important things. We grabbed a few mini kid's meals and some applesauces for the road for the bebe. I should have got some small juice boxes too... but I am bringing milk. It's only a 13 hour drive Tina, not 13 days! Haha. We came home, ate dinner and kim (my next door neighbor) came over to chat with me. We talked about her pregnancy and tried to look up sesame street crib sets online. no luck though. I think she's going to look through the actual Walmart store for some luck.

I should head to bed, but I am just not tired tonight. I didnt take a nap today. Too busy cleaning. Plus, Eli didn't want much of one. No complaints though, we just got another hour of play in instead. I should be having company Friday before we leave, so I have to get this place somewhat presentable. More of a motivation, right? All righty kiddies, Im out for the night. Hope you enjoyed all mah posts today.


i can't wait til i get to see you and the bebe!! i don't want to be an incredible noodge, but he has warm clothes right? i know you guys live in texas, but its coooold and snowy here in Omahaha. be prepared =D