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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

yes the tina is alive =D

Keith deployed this past wed so I was busy with that. I have disconnected the phone/internet since I am moving soon onto post. Everything is ok here... just dealing with him being in Kuwait. Just wanted to post a small note telling everyone what's going on.

Oh, and if anyone wants to email keith or be on his email list, email him @ keith.wagariii@us.army.mil

Hope everyone is well too! =D


hang in there...

even though we havent met (hopefully we will at the upcoming gathering which i plan to attend) i always have an ear to lend if you want to talk to someone going through the deployment thing as well... just email me or get my number through marion...

<3 Take care and hang in there :D

Re: hang in there...

thanks sweetie. And I appreciate you thinking about Keith when he left last week! marion told me about that. Tomorrow, she, the kid, and I are going to Austin. If you have nothing better to do, you should join us! We're going to check out a Pagan store in the area and just take a day off from life, lol. If not, I will be seeing you hopefully Saturday! =D

Re: hang in there...

LOL !!
That might explain why you weren't home this afternoon when I stopped by. :(
Anyhoo, I'm so sorry that I didn't get back over there before he left :( my allergies are so bad right now I'm considering cutting my nose off !!
I hope you and the weeone are doing ok, and there is a standing order to come over anytime and make use of the computers or veg and watch movies, or what not. Hope to see you soon, email if you can or post something here so maybe we can meet up .. take care and I hope to hear from you soon !!
*texas sized huggles* shana
p.s. you must dish on this store you went to !!!

Re: hang in there...

haha, well, I am here for another night, but feel free to stop by anytime tomorrow night if ya like. I should be home a lot during the days as well this coming week... bored and home alone, lol. I will have to come over and bug you though. Gives me something to do! =)

And the store? Mediocre at best. Not bad, but not great either. lol. But it did have a decent herb collection, so that's something. Just a bit expensive. I paid 6 bucks for a sage smudge and 2.50 for some Nag Champa. But I figure Im keeping Austin weird, right? Haha.

BUT... what will help ya out, if the car is there, Im home. I officially don't have to share a car for a bit. YAY! =D
missun ya hon. be good. be back soon!!
hey if you ever needa talk, i am going through the deployment crap here, so feel free <3