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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I dont know what is with my son's sleeping patterns lately, but he's been sleeping in LATE. He woke up at 10:30 this morning. Then he covered his eggs in apple juice. Now he's destroying the cover of my TaeBo VHS and watching Mr Rogers. He's so grouchy this morning. Maybe he's just not a morning person anymore. My dad said that I used to sleep a ridiculous amount when I was a baby, so that must be where Eli gets it. And that explains my love for sleep.

Which is weird. Last night, I didnt fall asleep until 5 AM. I was half tempted to just get up and stay up. But I knew if I didnt sleep, I would be raunchier than usual and I didnt need any help. Instead I just layed in bed and read my book. Im almost finished with The Mists Of Avalon which is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It brings out an insane amount of emotion through out the whole thing. In comparison, the movie SUCKS SO BAD.

I went to hooby Lobby last night. Man, I hate Hobby Lobby. There was nothing there. I always get so undirected in Craft Shops. I can never decide on just one project. I wish I could just settle on one thing and pursue it, but there is nothing good to actually go after there. So instead I went to HEB and bought Close Out Revlon makeup. I think most was orginally 10 bucks and I paid like a 1.50-2 bucks for a quad liquid eyeshadow and a 3 day lasting mascara. Like I honestly need anymore makeup. But I do go crazy for those clearance racks.

I guess Pete and I are throwing a psuedo party over here on Friday. Probably just beer and Xbox. He insisted upon coming over to keep me entertained. Shoud be interesting. I should ask vasa for a burned copy of the Chapelle show. Man I cant wait until I get cable and I can watch that (and adult swim, and all the jackass knockoffs, and noggin, and the nanny, and 6 hours worth of roseanne, lol).

Eli is howling for no reason again. I guess I should go see what he needs. lol



I am glad you like the book!!!!
6 Hours of Roseanne! I knew I liked you for some reason! hehe. I have a thing for that show, dont really know why, but it's addicting.