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ponytail girl

June 2010

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I woke up this morning at 6 with some crazy ear pain. I tired to lay in bed for an hour and sleep it off. didn't work. Then I got up and put a warm washcloth on it and took some IBU 800. Nothing either. By this time, Eli woke up. So I took a shower and gave him a bath in the hope that I could make it into the doc this morning. BUT my dang phone is dead and I can't use it to call. I really need a new phone. BAD! That would be the best bday gift right now Im thinking.

So now I am sitting here in serious pain. It started out as a cold and I had a muted feeling in my ear. It lasted so long but I wasn't worried because it didnt hurt. Today, this is too much though. It doesnt hurt when I swallow, but it is a constant ache. It "clicks" and gets worse when I cough. No kiddin- when I get sick, I get real sick. Bah.

The trash men come today and yesterday my trash blew over. Not cool. So now I have to go out and clean it up and attempt to drag a trashcan as tall as me to the curb. Joy. Wouldn't it figure I would get sick now, when I have so much to do? I have to pack and move stuff and this crap isn't helping me on bit. Well, at least Eli is feelin' good today.