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keith called this morning while I was sleeping. he thought I was either online or out. Stinky. I was sleeping! I had a lovely NyQuil night and slept like crazy. It was good.

Note to self: Stockton goes to the vet 2/6/04 at 10:20 for rabies/registration. Come up with some elaborate story as to why he only has one eye, lol.

I have a doc appt today at 1. I want to take at least a box of gar-bage over there, so I am thinking everything off of my walls and take some of my things out of my entertainment center. mostly videos since Eli thinks they are good chew toys, lol. My poor blinds are so destroyed due to him. Eh well.

Any good advice about going to the doc discretely covering up the cotton ball in my ear? Nasty earsesses we hates them.
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