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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

So I just took a quiz that says Im totally boring and predictable stylewise, in a "beauty-rut". Yeah, like I needed a quiz to tell me that. I havent had a haircut in a year and am still in those jeans and band t-shirts. Still wearing the same colors of makeup Ive been wearing since I was 16. Guess you find something you like and stick with it. lol. I want a pretty gay hairdresser to come make me over. I think I should go to the mall and look for the most flambouyant guy working in the salons and request him to do my hair. But I have eli. So sitting somewhere for longer than 10 minutes is out. So nevermind, single-mom tina doesnt get a haircut for another year.

On a more happy note, I am drinking a Rockstar. Man, I love RockStar. Need to get my license fixed today. Should be an in and out process. My stupid clothes are STILL not here and if they don't arrive today, I will be on the phone with the company raising a very sweet temper tantrum. someone to show my anger to.

Oh and Stockton caught another mouse last night. It was lovely. Only a week until I move, thankfully.


Too bad I couldn't take a vacation. Maybe August. :-P
I have the best hairdresser ever. And we thought he was gay, but apparently he's not. But it's better that way because he's hot.