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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I got my bday/valentine's day card from Keith today...

it's a card that says "to my valentine across the miles... at this time when we must be apart. My love will be with you and so will my heart. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004"
It has a pewter gold plated heart necklace on it. It's really cool. I wish I had a scanner to scan it. It's really cute =)

He wrote on the back: My dearest tina,
I know that things have been hard, but all will be better as our time apart grows shorter. "All you need is love". Let love be our strength when we are sad, let it be our comfrot when we are lonely and let love be our peace when we are weary. Though oceans may seperate us and time may keep us out of loving arms where we belong, love will always bring us home to each other and if all the world were a paradise, happiness and rest would find me so long as I was where I belong, in love's tender embrace with you. So as Valentine's day and your birthday come and go, know that I am always with you, in heart mind and spirit and I pray that the Goddess may help both of us stay safe until we are together again. So I am sending all my love and heart to you that it may bring you joy and happiness. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday my love... Your ever loving husband in mind, body, heart and soul, yours for all eternity, Love Keith


Awwww what a sweetheart. Can't stay mad at him now can ya? LOL

Did you know you and Amy share the same b-day? Your's is Saturday right? LOL I'm awful I know.

OK silliness aside the card was sweet.

Oh and you jinxed me cause I think there is a mouse under my stove!!!!!! Bubblegum has been sitting in front of it for hours sticking her paw under it. I hope to goodness I don't wake in the morning to find mouse parts strewn through my house! I'll freak!

Going to bed now to have nightmares of a mouse homicide. =)
That is so very sweet! I am sniffleing!

*hugz* and Happy Birthday!