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So I got myself a Bday gift. =)

I went in this morning to get Stockton his shots and registration and what not (and yes! I got my license fixed, yay!). There is a shelter right next door. heather and I decided to go look around, just to see. I told myself not to fall in love. Well, after crying too much (because it's so hard to see the sweetest animals abandoned, just waiting on death row) I did. I was talking to an employee about the adoption process and saw a dog I had missed earlier. A four year old black lab. The lady working there said "she really needs a home, badly". So I said, I want her. When I went to pay for her shots, the clerk said she was in there for a few weeks and was going to be euthanized this weekend. So I saved her and me. lol. I feel so much safrer now, having a big dog in the house... although she is a big baby. Eli and the dog love each other... which is already good. She reminds me of my parent's great dane who I adore. My dad said I should name her Arwyn, so there is it. =D She climbs on my lap and gives me hugs. Right now, she's laying next to me while I type. Somehow she's realized she's my new baby.

Stockton is pissed though. He's got the whole additude of "how dare you put me in that cage, take me out of the house, give me shots and then bring that, THING into my house". Eh, he'll get over it. Better that than the cat I saw that was BOUNCING all over his cage =D

This sure makes me feel better about my bday, other than the fact that I won't have a cake. But hey... who needs cake. I have 8lbs SIXTEEN lbs of Harry and David junk ;)
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