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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

good mornin' eljay land. har har.

7:45 is too early to awake and wait for movers. Im just hoping the guy can give me a better time than "between 7 and 5" today. I slept all thru the radio. I keep wanting to say I'll go to bed early tonight, but it seems that early is turning into 1 or 2 anymore. Which isn't that bad, but when you get up with a kid every morning, you get tired. Even Eli isn't up yet this morning. I'm wondering if he is even going to be up before the movers get here. Even my dad messaged me this morning asking why I was up before 8 AM. Man, I hate mornings. I think I should bust out my emergency RockStar. lol

yeah I want to crash on the couch. But I can't because I am waiting for the MAN to sign online. It's kinda cool that they can use Yahoo messenger and Webcams over there in Baghdad. I can honestly see that helping big time with morale. That's another reason I had to get a nicer computer this weekend, it's my best way of talking to Keith. He can never get to a phone, not to mention the phone cards are horridly expensive (well, we pay average prices, but with the min rates, it doesnt work so well) and gone quickly. Mail... well, waiting weeks for a letter is never fun, lol. Plus, he has an ever-changing address at the moment, so it makes it difficult.

that's about all the excitement there is for this morning. heather took pics of Stockton and Arwyn so Im going to be posting them soon. Aren't you excited? ;) Hope everyone has a fab day =)