I'm just a boring example of everybody else (the_tina) wrote,
I'm just a boring example of everybody else

It's now 8:30 (2030 for us military bitches). I am leaving the house at 5:00 AM. So I have that much time to waste. Somehow. Im going to take a loooong bath, since I never get to take them as I have no tub. Just my sister and she's not home. And shave and what not. Then take a long shower and make sure I look all pretty when I get off the plane. Not that Keith will be there, but my family in law will. EEeeek! Im so nervous. :) I can't wait.

Keith called tonight and he's sick. Seems the 9 mi 6 hour stretch he marched this week kicked his bootie. But he made it, and all he has left to do is graduate. Im so proud of him!! Although he is very sick with a cold. Chock that up to the rainin that goes on there.

Im going from about 50 degrees to 90 to 70. My body is going to go into shock. lol. 8 and a half hours to waste. Wish there was something good on TV... but NO!! lol. Too bad they're not playing Moulin Rouge again tonight. I could go and cry like a baby.

ok, enough rant for now. Im sure there will be a few later. :) Thanks everyone for putting up and supporting me these past few months. It's good to know I have wonderful friends to fall back on when I am sad. I just hope I am not too depressing.

Oh, knicole1979 my hubbie looks good in blue. LMAO. k, done. :)
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