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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

the awaited photos. now comment NOW. =)

too cute for the cut, Ben took this for me... This is right outside where he and Keith are right now in Baghdad:

proof that it CAN snow in Texas. This is my front door

How lazy my son is getting when he eats.

We call this "Sup, ladies?"

this is what your cat looks like when you have to shave his mats off, lol


Hahhaa, yer son's a pimp ;)
That poor, poor shaven pussy...it looks SO pissed. "No, don't look at me..i HATE you vile human scum!"
Snow is evil I tell ya. I loathe snow. I loathe pictures of snow. You posted that to pick on me huh? You evil wench!

Eli is too cute. Must not let him get too close to my angel Kira. LOL

The cat looks pissed beyond belief. If you had to shave the pussy you could have at least made the pussy look pretty. Nothing worse than a goofy looking pissed off pussy!

And the pic Ben took is too cool.

OK I commented hope your happy. Meanwhile I am sitting here in my towel with a towel on my head and cold due to your snow pic *wench*. At some point in time I need to get dresssed, call Mike, and go to the commissary so that I can get dinner done and the kids in bed by 8.
1. I hate snow. Im not a wench.

2. can we say arranged marriage? she's the one with the crush on Eli!

3. he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to finish. He was growling at me!! lol It was just as painful for me. Luckily, he has no front claws or there would have been my blood on his fur, lol

4. Ben's a dork. But I do miss him. He's my Mark, hahaha ;)

5. Im not a wench. Why do you all call me that? haha
1. At least you are smart enough to hate snow. You ARE a wench!
2. Your trying to kill me aren't you?
3. Give him the clippers next time and then you can say it was as painful for you. LOL
4. Oh dear God you have a "Mark" too? Your poor poor woman. LOL
5. You ARE a wench!!! Get it through that lovely thick head of yours! LOL I call you that cause in my eyes a bitch is someone HORRIBLE and your not that so your a wench. Someone that makes me smile when I don't want to. :)
1. yeah, im all edumicated.
2. hey, you're older than I am... who's going to be the one over the hill first? (hahah)
3. uh, he has no thumbs, duh.
4 yeah, he's deff a Mark.
5. with my age comments, I can take the wench lol
1. Can't even come up with something to top that.
2. That was just plain mean. They say you reach the height of your sexual peak at the age of 30-40. I'll be there LONG before you. So while your sex life is ho hum mine will be all HUM!
3. Might make for interesting shaving being thumbless. LOL
4. Like I said you poor poor woman. Nobody should have to deal with a "Mark".
5. Damn right you will take the wench!
that Baghdad picture....awesome!! snow in your front yard...apparently hell has frozen over. and Eli looks so much bigger, wow!
I love my little kiwi! He is so cute i just want to eat him up! serious about the aforementioned bubble wrap invitation..I'll even send you the bubble wrap!

the poor poor kitty....you can send him with the kiwi :)
Those are great!! I LOVE the sup ladies and the cat pics! Looks like maybe ya got a tad to close when shaving? I did that to beautiful once. She mats up so easy. She won't let me near here to do that now shes sick.
I did... it was a massive struggle and I felt bad... He has a real bad patch of skin showing... =(