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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I really love the fact that I can sing along to sesame street songs with Eli. "dance yourself to sleep" was just on, =) OH NO, NOT THE BUGLE! I hope someone knows what I am talking about....

So I think he is entering his terrible twos a wee early. He's been throwing temper tantrums like crazy lately. He will not sit down in carts anymore, he wants to stand. Not to mention he LOVES to take his diapers off. Lovely.

Last night my dad called and Eli kept yelling DADA DADA DADA until I finally said... LOOK ITS MY DAD NOT YOURS!! It's Grandpa. JEEZ. lol =D

I need to look for washer hoses and get some blank CDs today. Maybe I can pick up some decent bookshelves. Gotta get more milk, creamer, juice and misc other crap. Joy. Prob after naptime. =D


Briley loves to take his diaper off, yesterday he took off a poopy diaper in our bed. Lovely poop all over the sheets and just my pillows.
The good news is, I read in Parents magazine that when they start taking their diapers off it is a sign that they are aware of their body functions. It also says that it is an early sign of potty training intrest.
Briley is 2 and God I hope he decides to potty train soon, diapers are too expensive.
potty training at 15 months? Sweet!! I can totally deal with that, haha. I dont think he is quite at that point, but one can hope =D
Ok, I know what your talking about. (Song wise) And the sad fact is that my kids havent watched Sesame St. for about 3 years now. *Hangs head in shame* lol.

Oh yeah, and try and cheer up, I know it sux and someone saying cheering up means nothing, but I do know how ya feel. It sux. I'm actually here now if you need anything. We just got net, so I'll be on.

Take care.
lol... yeah sesame street rules. =)

You use any messengers? I should have all mine listed on my info so please, feel free to message me... lol im online and way bored =D