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I really love the fact that I can sing along to sesame street songs with Eli. "dance yourself to sleep" was just on, =) OH NO, NOT THE BUGLE! I hope someone knows what I am talking about....

So I think he is entering his terrible twos a wee early. He's been throwing temper tantrums like crazy lately. He will not sit down in carts anymore, he wants to stand. Not to mention he LOVES to take his diapers off. Lovely.

Last night my dad called and Eli kept yelling DADA DADA DADA until I finally said... LOOK ITS MY DAD NOT YOURS!! It's Grandpa. JEEZ. lol =D

I need to look for washer hoses and get some blank CDs today. Maybe I can pick up some decent bookshelves. Gotta get more milk, creamer, juice and misc other crap. Joy. Prob after naptime. =D
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