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So I just created the sorriest excuse EVER for a bookshelf.

I bought two el cheap-o shelves from Walmart today... needed something to store the books on. As I am building these, noticing how crappy they are, I am totally disappointed. Not only did I hit myself on the thumb hard with hammer, I pinched myself with the leatherman. Nice bruises going there. So the first shelf looks flimsy, ugly and ridiculous. At least the second one I know what I am doing and can leave downstairs. I think this one is going into Eli's room for stuffed animals and books. Keep it hidden and covered.

You would think building something would be empowering. For me, it's humiliating and depressing. Sucks that I have to do this all on my own.

My next project? To trade out the hoses on my washer. I bought 2 new ones today. I can't get the hoses out of the wall and off the washer though. Every attempt has led to me getting pinched and covered with rusty water. Wish I had a male friend to assist, but no. Guess I am in need of a wrench and less frustration.

What a night.
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