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so I wasn't home all day yesterday... which actually led to a few certain friends who called my house freaking out because I wasn't on the internet. How sad is that one? lol. Not sad because they called, just funny because I wasn't online.

I had a seriously craptastic day.

I woke up yesterday... late. Of course, so I didnt get my coffee. Had to run over to the WIC office to get new vouchers and sit through a class on picky-eaters and table issues. Would be relevant to me if 1. I had a kitchen table and 2. we had family dinners. Eli is on a schedule to eat, and always eats in his chair, but the rest? eh... lol. During this, someone from ACS came in to give us a packet of info, which was pretty cool considering I need to learn about living on post. What got me though, was this guy was wearing one of the Jesus movie shirts with NAILS around his neck. Like replicas of the nails on the cross. Is it just me or is that a little morbid? The cross itself is morbid, but nails? I cant believe they would market something like that, let alone someone wear it. No I have not seen the movie. Nor am I planning to until they show it on like HBO or something. Only reason for that is they hype.

After the meeting, I got to meet up with ordinary_chaos7 finally. He works in the same building at ACS. He gave me a ton of information and things for me to do. Always pays to have friends in the system =) Told me to get Eli into Day-care soon, which I will, soon as they have appts available. I need something. Just to get him out of my hair for a bit.

Drove off post, went to get Shana who said she would run errands with me. We drove to HEB, made copies and got a money order. So the Check thing and my rebates are taken care of. Now just to wait for the checks to come. Deposited my checks from Best Buy and Sprint as well. We then decided to go to the mall for lunch. Being there reminded me Keith wanted Glamour Shots done. So I went to see if they did kid's shots. They did, so I made an appt. They no longer offer clothes, they make you wear your own. So I had to rush home for 2 hours to get things. Had to drive Shana home too. When I came home, I was in such a hurry, I fell down my stairs and into a bookcase. I messed up my knee pretty bad because I couldn't walk. Not to mention I think my new workout tapes made me pull a muscle. Dang things, theyre so much fun! lol. So I didnt work out yesterday. OH, and my car got searched at the gate. Hate it when Im the random one choosen.

So I got back to my Appt 20 min late. I sat down for my hair and makeup, which turned out great. I wish my hair held curls longer than 20 minutes. It looked awesome. My makeup even looked nice enough to take pics. My issue? The photographer. I brought in clothes for Eli one of which was the bomber jacket/hat my parents bought him for his birthday. The main reason I got pictures done was for him. I gave the photographer a few requests for shots. He didnt give him a wardrobe change let alone do anything I asked for. He finally claimed we were done... I figured with me. He meant everything. I went out to look at the pics. They were HORRIBLE. He took 31 shots. 20 of them were random of Eli with my feet, wires, lights, etc in the background. Half taken in front of a red wall. It was horrible. I seriously wanted to cry. My pictures were seriously the worst I have ever seen. I finally decided on 3 photos. I HAD to spend 40 bucks. I spent 150 all together. This was on a small childrens package (8x10, 2 5x7, sheet of wallets), a sheet of wallets with pic of me and Eli, and 2 5x7 of the only one I halfway liked of myself. The pic of me was a profile with me looking at roses. I wanted it in black and white with the roses colored, but they wanted to charge me like 150 for that!! Needless to say, Im going to be complaining today. I was seriously upset.

I left completely disappointed and had a horrible migraine. Eli was cranky and fussy. I came home, made one call to my dad, since he called me a billion times. I sat at the computer, took some motrin and sat in the dark. The headache finally went away and sitting with ice on my knee helped. BUT I got my webcam and played online. Took some pics too =D I think I could have taken better at walmart. Oh well.
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