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All I want for xmas is mah Keefus.

well, keith had good news and bad news.... but I guess that's to be expected when I don't get a chance to talk to him for a week.

bad news - the other morning, one of the guys neglected to wake him up for his sick call shift. Keith was an hour late. So he got negitive counseling and has to work sick call until the 11th. So no morning internet (which means I can go to bed at a decent hour!). Then we come to find out, he isn't an E4!! After we spent a ton of money switching all his rank before he left. Guess they gave out too many waivers. He's on the next one though. Explains why his LESs hadn't changed. Joy.

Good- He WILL be home by Xmas. No 18 months for me!! Now its a wee less than 12! Im so excited. =D (sad that Im excited about 12 months. But hey, could be worse.)
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