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Talked to Keith for quite a while this morning. Got a lot of info going down around there. As usual, not much I can post without it being a friends-only entry. Guess Im getting something from FTD tomorrow. Only thing Im allowed to know is that it has leaves. Isn't that so sweet. I hate surprises and guess who knows that.

I have my appt with Glamour shots tomorrow at 1:30. And if the manager doesnt make me extremely happy, I will be going to Sears straight afterwards. I am not paying a ridiculous amount of money on ugly pics. They better fix this crappage. =D

I think tonight is heading for an early bedtime. Seems like I have been wanting to sleep a ton lately. I want to get Eli up earlier than normal for a possible early nap to limit the amount of antsiness at the photo shoot. Maybe I will get some boxes done tonight, hahaha. =) Well, at least the house is pretty regardless of the few boxes scattered through out.
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