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My appt yesterday went awesome. My makeup was a bit more pink and red than I would have chosen, but it didnt look too bad. The makeup girl also was informed about my hair and how it does not like to curl. I said, you wanna style it, you'll have to use a lot of hairspray. And she did. I think about half a massive bottle. But it held. It's even a bit curly this morning... crunchy. lol. I don't think I bought any pics of Eli and I together, but it was so hard to decide when it came to his pictures. They were so adorable. I just wish they didnt cost so dang much to buy. I spent another 100 yesterday added on to my original 150. But, hey, I won't have to get pics of Eli done for a little bit now. I think waiting over a year to get professional pics done was stupid on my part, but when you don't have money, you dont have money, right? The original photographer even apologized for how bad the quality of the first pics were... and the manager did ALL my shots. They gave Eli this huge duck to play with (He LOVES ducks) and it made the whole thing go real well. Mondays are a slow day there, so he got all the attention from the employees that he so craves. Theyre still not up on the website though. Im being impatient about it. But the manager said if they don't come up, Im supposed to call him. I was completely floored by the second appt. Now that was what I wanted when I made my first appt.

Eli is watching Telletubbies and laughin his butt off. Weird kid. Yesterday, Eli and I were on cam with Keith. Eli kept saying "dada! Dada! Dada!" and pointing to Keith's face. You can imagine the waterworks in Baghdad Im sure.

We may have gotten some un-affirmed news on R&R though...it could start as early as NEXT month. How awesome would that be. Means Eli and I wouldnt be able to go to Carl's Bad Caverns in May as I was planning. It all depends on the R&R dates. Yeah, the parents want us to drive out to New Mexico to meet up with them. THis is only about a 10-12 hour drive, depending. But I would HAVE to stop in El Crappo (I mean El Paso) to see Ramiah... which was my dad's idea (Miah, he loves you more than I do... haha. I think he just misses kicking your butt in Yahoo Pool). As usual, my life is depending on the Army for everything. =)

I guess the manager from my housing area is supposed to come over and see if she can help me with my washer. Which is good. I need to do laundry hella bad. Eli threw up in his bed this morning... which is weird to me considering he feels fine this morning. Weird kid, lol. Hes in this "live on cracker sandwiches" stage. He won't eat whatever I cook. he just wants finger foods. Cold ravioli, cold veggies, crackers, cheerios, all the finger foods I can think of. He's in a picky-eater stage. Well, at least he eats and takes vitamins. =) He can throw some awesome temper tanrums now too. Im so proud. Im excellent at tuning them out, so that's good. Except when we're out. Then I get a little ticked. But at home, he can scream for hours in his pen if he feels like it =D

Still nothing from FTD. Ben said they will probably be here today. I have a feeling Ben used his debit card and Keith gave him cash... but im not allowed to ask. I just know he "figured it out" and "someone hooked him up". In other words, Ben. lol. Keith didnt sign on this morning, but of course Ben did. Made me discuss spoilers and ground kits. That kid is so funny.

Im going to see if my knee is still bad today.. try and workout. We need to go to the commisary too so I can fill my WIC. Yay, grocery shoppin'. lol.
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