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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

I made it!! The plane ride wasn't too much fun, but I survived. it was a looong ride. 5 hours from Phoenix, but I rented earphones and watched Men In Black 2. It was cute. On the way home, I get to watch Mr. Deeds. So that shouldnt be too bad. Just all my trips I have window seats, so I have to crawl over everyone.

So I got in Tampa and met my MIL and SIL and went to my inlaws house. Mom made me brownies just special!! And Keith called too! It was nice. Im so excited to leave and see him. I was so tired I was in bed by 7 here, which would be 5 my time. I slept all freaking night and didnt wake up until 10:30 this morning. I kept thinking, this is the house my husband grew up in. The house he lived in for 7 years. I took a shower in his shower. It's just a weird thing to think of all the childhood memories this house holds.

Today I woke up and went to my SIL Carrie's house and saw her husband and son. Christian is walking and is absolutly adorable! They threw me a baby shower!! It was so awesome. We had a small lunch, and carrie decorated her house with baby stuff. They both gave me gifts, and it was the sweetest thing. Then mom and I watched Moulin Rouge!! *G* Keith called during my shower, and he called an hour ago. He's very excited to see us. Reminded me there is 72 hours.

Well, just wanted to let everyone know I am okay. Let me know if there is anything I need to read in the brief computer time I will have. I will be posting before we leave on Tuesday to drive out to SC.

Have fun, be good. *snoogins*


I caught Moulin Rouge on HBO today and taped it. lol I'm glad you got there safe and sound and I'm still super jealous that you get to go see the boys graduate and I don't. Oh wells. Have fun!


How awesome for you!!!! happy to hear you got there okay!!!
Hey, glad to hear it went well! Miss ya! Hey, want me to save some beanies for ya? I'm giving them away to goodwill, but charging my lj-friends s/h for any they want. I don't know if you like them or what if you do. No bears, just commons.


Anything good? I collect the odd ones, like I have a unicorn, angel, dragon, stuff like that. Anything of the sort?

And I miss you too!! Hope you're doing okay!


If you get a chance I linked to them at http://www.e-goddess.net/beanie/beanie.html
Which lion is that? And which spotted cat is that? I collect all the kitties! Heh. Meow.


Freckles is the cat. Not sure if I have the lion anymore, I'll have to check.


Freckles I have...the lion I have is Roary.


That's probably the one I had too. Sounds familiar.
Glad you made it in ok :) I know he is going to be so happy to see you! Cherish that time. It only comes once.

If you have any plans to stop in Savannah on the way up let me know and I may be able to rally my bandmates/co-workers for a dinner meet.


I know. I can't believe we made it through the nine weeks. The rest is going to be a breeze. And I have learned so much already. Im ready to be in this, ready to be the army wife, ready to fly my flag for him. Wasn't too into the whole thing at first, but the more I learn, the more I know, the more people I meet, the more I love it. This is going to be a great lifestyle for us.

And I don't think we're going to be in GA long. We're driving through fast to stay in Columbia. And me being so fat and sassy, Im going to have to stop every half an hour to run to the bathroom. Although, Keith is going to Fort SamHouston, and I know that is in TX, where you're going right? Although I remember you're going to Frt Hood, and I have no idea where either are, or in relation to each other. It would have been lovely to meet you, and Im very disappointed. I was a band nerd for some 10 odd years. So it would have been nice to meet some military band people. :(

Hope all is well. :)
I'm glad to see you got there OK. Check out my journal. i spoke to "her" (She has been preggers NINE times, NINE. NINE. NINE. And she is 18. NINE. I can not stress that enough.) and I posted my Amazon BDAY wishlist woo-hoo! Buy me something for my Bday and I'll hook you up for Xmas or your bday. Just tell me if you want baby stuff or mommy stuff.


Will do!!! And I want mommy stuff!! Im so sick of baby stuff *G* I will check it out though!

I cant believe someone can be that much of a slut. Ew. lol
Yay!!! Glad to hear you are having fun, have a safe trip!!! :)
Glad to hear you had a good trip to Tampa! Enjoy your visit with the in-laws and especially with Keith. Have fun!