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ponytail girl

June 2010

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ponytail girl

Guess what the Mr FedEx man just brought me???

Picture 8
Picture 9

a dozen roses, for no reason. And a card that read, "I love you. "come what may! come what may! I will love you, until my dying day! Miss you! your ever loving husband, Keith"


Thats so sweet. You got you a good one there gf. :-}
thank ya... Well, I was thinkin' about tradin' him in for a newer model, but I may have to keep him for a while. *G*
that's so sweet. i'm jealous.
aww, thanks.

I think I can assist in that program =D
sweet deal.
does this mean that my roses were chopped liver!!!!


beautiful..so when can I enroll mike in the HIT class...
No, your roses were more (what, 2 dozen?) and "more expensive" and I got them first... so you win ;)

and I have to talk to Ella about the HIT class, we're going to need a box. Then again, I do have an over-abundance of boxes "somewhere" around here. =D
they were FOUR dozen!!

Let me know cause I will gladly buy him whatever uniform you two decide!
Damn. I so feel the love.


What the hell have you concoted now? And why am I being dragged into it? I'm innocent I tell ya INNOCENT!!!!!!
*sigh* I'm so jealous.. I wish I would get some flowers.. for no reason.. from some guy.. but i dont see that happening anytime soon.

Keith is such a sweety!

I'll take money

I was going to call you a wench but I got over 2 grand in lieu of flowers so I think I came out better! LOL
That's so sweet! *hugs*

Now if the damn fed ex man would bring me what I'm waiting for.
Man, I am going to dog out Keith when I see him.. punk ass sending flowers :P
you know you wish they were for you...
yeah Keith never treats me like he treats you.. cold hearted bastard!