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So I dyed my hair and got the well needed haircut. I have learned in this process to NEVER get it done at the Beauty Shop at the PX. Woman screwed my hair up and took WAY MUCH off. I had to go to JCPenny's to get it fixed. But I don't think it's too bad... just taking some adujstment.

so enjoy...

Picture 2
Picture 11

yeah, it's a wee drastic.

The other night, I went out the Irish Dragoon with vasa since he's leaving this week for the catbox too. It was really fun. I was pretty impressed by the place. tasteless_black and her family were supposed to meet us there, but they got lost. She just moved here from NY (poor thing) so she couldnt find anything. Her husband DID fix my washer though. She and I spent like 20 min the other night trying to fix it. He spent 2 minutes. Nice. =)
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