September 21st, 2002

ponytail girl

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I got my letters from Keith today. They're all 10 days old. What is the point? lol. I talked to him today as well, nothing new and interesting with him, other than the fact he is doing grenade training and had to do a 7Mi march this morning. He was whining b/c they only gave him 5 min phone calls. but I got 2. So I am not complaining. I told him to make sure to share the phone time with everyone, so that everyone can hear from him.

Im trying to bribe my mom to take me out tomorrow to WalMart to start getting supplies for my vacation and Im going to take her to lunch. She told me I have to clean the kitchen floor, which I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate. Sweeping sucks my toe. lol. They went out and bought a really nice weight bench set for cheap b.c it was a floor model and they are going to get the treadmill fixed and Im going to stake claim on using it. I hate walking alone. But I like treadmills. Which is why I didnt mind having my membership to Gold's Gym when I worked there. I like the hamster wheel feeling. And now I actually have to make sure I *do* excersize. I did read today, that if I cant control my blood sugar with diet and excersize, then I have to take insulin. I can't take the pills b/c of being pregnant. And I may have to stay in the hospital and be monitored for a few days if that happens. We'll see. It all depends on the tests that come back this week. Im not worrying about it too much, just not allowing myself much sugar. Which is a lot harder than it looks. Junk food just likes me way too much. Evil evil evil sugar. And Chelsea has got this habit that I would love to smack her for. She had a pudding today at lunch and she ate it all noisy and was like "yum yum" and playing airplane to try and get me to eat. She is too much like her older sister. Stupid Tina for training her well. It's a good thing I have will power-- and a mom that will smack me if I do anything bad. I tell you- living with doctor mom definitly makes me eat better. She makes me eat and drink healthy food out the wazoo. My kid better be all healthy. Or else.

Oh the joy excitement and rapture of my incredibly boring life. *G*
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