September 28th, 2002

ponytail girl

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so for the few that know, I was up for about 4 hours last night helping my dad type stuff out for his Econ. test. I went to bed at 1 AM and still had 3 chapters left. He got up at 4AM and cramed thru the rest of it. He went in this morning to take the test at about 11 AM. And get this... the power freaking goes out. So he didnt get to finish his test!! He may or may not get a retake. OMG, it is so funny.

A week from today, I will be flying freaking out with every bump the turbulance makes. Man. I hate to fly and Im pretty sure I will hate it more alone. Every bump freaks me out. Im the same way driving. I hate driving with people who's driving I can't trust. I white-knuckle the 'oh shit' bars. So I will be with my in-laws for my first bonding session next week. Im just a wee nervous. Im not sure what to expect, or what they expect of me. Im afraid I will be a disappointment, like they can't believe their son married me. maybe it's just the anxiety, which I am sure it is. Everything makes me antsy. But I bought Double-Stuff Oreos for my trip. Don't worry, Im going to buy some better food for my junk food cravings. Im going to get some dried fruit and the like.

I have Cream Soda. So Nah. lol. Yep, Im done now. :)