October 1st, 2002

ponytail girl

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So I woke up this morning to find the computer passworded off. It keeps trying to go into Standby and password lock itself. Dad has no idea why it is doing it, since he didnt set it up. Weird. So I went and folded all my laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, pretty much got everything packed, or at least set to the side for the things I need to use.

October 1st. I wake up, look outside, and low and behold there is snow on the mountain. Stupid four letter s word. Where did my fall go? Melt snow melt. I am not ready for you yet. (hey is that a haiku or something? *g* jk).

You people are boring. I think I have like 8 posts since I went to bed last night. And I know you all have more of a life than I do. ~heehee~

Oh and I watched Moulin Rouge for the 978234928742394827 time and cried, like a baby. doesnt matter how many times I see it, I bawl. And I miss Keith. THat's how watching that movie is the best. Curled up in his arms on the couch. :)

Dad is bringing me home cream soda. Yea for the newest prego craving. :)
ponytail girl

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Xena ate my oreos. I was sitting at the computer and heard a rustling coming from my room. I thought, oh crap. please dont tell me that is what I think it is, and I turn around. And sure enough, there is a great dane walking down the hall with an oreo bag stuck on her beak. Damn dog ate THREE QUARTERS OF A BAG! and didnt get sick!! lol. She likes oreos.

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