October 15th, 2002

ponytail girl

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I made it home safe and sound. On the first flight, my eye really started bothering me. Itching and burning. It was still feeling bad when my dad got me from the airport, and we had to go get my sister at my mom's office, so she gave me some tests for my sicknesses.

Good News? I dont have strep.
Bad news? I have pinkeye and a killer cold.

Now how I got pink eye I don't know. It just popped up. Probably some stupid nasty kid. *lol* Gotta love airports. Oh, and Mr. Deeds is a cute movie! Made my flight nice.

The baby booties were here, along with an extra gift the lady sent. I thought that was pretty nice of her. And my bath set. And the CD with copies of the photos we got done. I will have them up as soon as I can get access to a CDRom that works, unlike ghetto puter. lol. Cuz I know *someone* is itching to make me a sweet icon!! Heehee. Ok, Im going to get crackin on some unpacking before my huge packages get here.
ponytail girl

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this illness has gotten to the point where I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. My throat hurts, Im hacking (and it is PAINFUL!), my nose is stuffy, and this dammned eye!! Im going on antibiodics tomorrow. Thank godess for doctors appointments and free drugs for mommy.

I got a statement from Tricare. For my glucose test, my insurance was billed 29.00. My doctor got 6 dollars of that!! No wonder normal doctors don't take tricare. That's outrageous. Im going to give my doc a big thank you in the morning.

Keith called and told me not to send packages with food, b/c he has to share with EVERYONE. And Keith hates to share. He also gave me permission to sleep in his Bucs jersey which has always been a no-no. He told me everything he owns is mine. I like that idea.

I can't see shit tonight. Forgive me for not posting. My eye feels the need to water continually, and it is not fun. So I will catch up tomorrow.