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ponytail girl

June 2010

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October 17th, 2002

ponytail girl

bitch, bitch, bitch

Im still sick. Im now on antibiodics, robitussin, eyedrops. I slept all night (which never happens anymore since I am always in the bathroom) and woke up about 7:30. Some guy was supposed to be working on the furnace tomorrow, and instead decided on today, in about an hour or so. I don't mind that, but I have to walk him next door to my neighbors to take care of theirs as well (my neighbors are only home on weekends). And it is so cold outside. The last thing I want to do is go over there. At least we'll have heat now. Yea. Hopefully he doesnt take too long b/c I want to go back to bed.

I decided to get a hotel room for the weekend Keith gets back. I think it would be nice for us to be lazy and just have fun before the baby comes. Something nice for us to do.

I had a weird dream I cant really remember about giving birth last night. Weird. lol

Is it tacky to have a bridal registry and a baby registry even though Keith and I have been married for almost 6 months? Thing is, we have NOTHING house wise, other than a few dishes and pans. And it would make xmas easy. Not that I expect anyone to buy anything, but just wondering how bad that looks. Any Ms. Manners out there?
ponytail girl

(no subject)

Keith just called me. As soon as he did, he found out he has formation in 10 minutes. So he told me to be available in an hour to hour and a half. I guess they gave him permission to call me b/c he has some bad news. Which he shouldnt have told me b/c I hate wondering. But this time, I dont know what is worse, what he has to tell me or what I can think up in my head. It is so hard being away from him. Yes, texas is a lot closer than South Carolina, but it's not exactly a days drive or anything. I can handle it, I really can, until he calls and says he has bad news to make me wait for.

Keep me in your thoughts, as I may go postal. :)
ponytail girl

(no subject)

the pain in my ass and love of my life. that's what he is.

due to overcrowding, they have extended his stay by 2 weeks. he wont start class for another 2 weeks. yes, this sucks, but what can ya do? so now he has 2 weeks to completely waste and do nothing with. wish they would send him HERE for 2 weeks. But he gets unlimited phone time, and could sleep all day if he so wished. And now I have an address to send him stuff all the time. Isnt that nice. :)

He's supposed to call me back sometime tonight, since while on the phone with him, my mom called twice, dad once, neighbor came over and her dog got into a fight with our dogs, and the dog barked the whole damn time. I swear, my life. lol
ponytail girl

(no subject)

And also, this means he may lose his airborne training. Which he's upset about, but Im dealing. gotta be the supportive wife.

Im going to call the red cross and tell them I am deathly sick with pink eye and this cold, and I need my husband home, NOW! I would like him to waste 2 weeks on me. I dont care if I have to pay 700 a ticket. I miss him.