October 18th, 2002

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I was informed yesterday that I can no longer not post one day b/c I dont feel like it. Everyone may think I went into labor or something... hahahah.

Im going to ask Keith to ask his DS if he can take leave while he has these 2 weeks off. I had 2 dreams about this. (pregnancy leads to weird dreams, lemme tell ya). The first one, I was telling him on the phone what to say and why etc. and he said no. I told him that it's better to know the answer than to wonder. And he said Exactly. Weird. The second one, I was with him to ask (dont know how) and the DS gave him complete leave. Now that would be nice. I wonder if my doc would sign something that says Im having complications or something. Hahahah, not very likely.

As soon as I get my voice back, I need to call about birthing classes and my pregnancy massage. I cant wait for this sickness to be over, as I am sure neither do you to stop my whining!!)

My mom got me creme soda and creme savers for my sickness. My mommy loves me! *G*
ponytail girl

New pics

These are from my trip to omaha I took in August right after Keith left. My sister just got them developed.
The infamous Grimmy, my cousin Amandayamyamchicken and me:
Mandah, me, and my little sister Jessica moshtater :

Hopefully that works. I hate printroom. :)
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I told Keith my fab idea of him asking for leave. he's going to talk to the chaplain and see what he says. Im hoping that they will say okay. He thinks there is a good chance he can play it right. Everyone cross their fingers and say a prayer or what not for me. I would be SO excited if he could come home, only if for a few days. He says there is a chance he may not cycle for another 3-4 weeks. As of right now, his classes start Nov. 3. But he thinks he may get pushed back again. Oh the joy and excitement of the army heehee. I just want him home, for a few days. That's all :)