October 21st, 2002

ponytail girl

30 weeks! WOW!

I must be getting into this whole mommy thing, I swear I can't sleep past like 8 anymore. I just lay in bed hoping that I will fall back asleep, but it just doesnt happen. I also think it has something to do with the baby deciding he is hungry and kicking until I get something in my system. He's got an appitite. Just like his daddy. :)

Speaking of his daddy, Keith called me last night crying. Seems a lot of the guys there have family in Texas and they get to visit with the guys. Keith is feeling really lonely being away from me. It's also made him quite snappy and he's been yelling at some of his good friends who have been telling him he's too edgy. He's going to find a DS today and tell them about his mental well-being and ask them to come home, and not take no for an answer. I think I may know the verdict early afternoon when he calls. We'll see. Im not going to get my hopes up if it is a no, but it will be wonderful to have him home for a week.

Im feeling so pregnant now. It's about time I guess. I feel like a whale. My back hurts, my tummy itches, and Im ALWAYS hungry! I am showing a wee, just like a pudge. And as expected,that happened over night. In 10 weeks, I have a baby. Good lord. What am I going to do? It could be even sooner than that. Elijah is always kicking and beating me up. Keith has already warned me that he's goin to teach Elijah his purpose in life is to make mommy's life a living hell. As if Keith needs any help. You know, Im glad I get along with men so well. Now I will have my 2 boys. :)

I want to get my room cleaned out JIC Keith comes home. But also I have some family coming out this weekend from Omaha, and Im sure the girls will be hanging out in my room. It's been a week since I've been home from my trip and I still havent done laundry or unpacked. The UPS packages WILL be here today, so I need to get orgionized. Wee the excitement. Ok, getting breakfast and being motivated. :)